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RAHAVI HOMES is a name that spells quality in the field of house construction. In a field where competition is on the rampage, constructing quality houses is the only option with the builders to gain the confidence of the customers. RAHAVI HOMES, as a builder and flat promoters does build houses that are uniquely named for their impeccable quality.

About Us

It is the journey of 2 young and passionate entrepreneurs from 2004 started as Interior Designer’s, Civil Contractors and today here we are as one of the upcoming Construction Company.

Our motto is to give value addition to the land owners and satisfaction to our buyers. Our vision is to set and bring in unflinching transparency, ethics and uncompromising quality on each square feet of dealings.
We are on the path to make relentless attempts to set high benchmarks in what we do. Be it Architectural Designs, Raw Materials, Structural Designs, Amenities, Floor Plans, Fittings, Workmanship, Best Practices, Documentation and so on. We built trust with all our partners brick by brick and concreted our relationship.


To accomplish growing aspirations of our customers by building Professional Real Estate solutions and redefining lifestyle standards.


First rate engineering and construction skills.
Total Customer satisfaction.
No arbitration dispute, with any Customer.
Quality is certified by repeat orders from customers.
To ensure co-ordination at diverse project sizes.
Most advantageous recital objectives are achieved within the parameters assigned, regardless of size or complexity of the projects.
Human Resources, our most valuable asset.



Years Business

Our Speciality

RAHAVI HOMES is not a company that builds houses and hands over like a pure business organisation. RAHAVI HOMES also provides a host of services to its customers which means the customers are ensured of best after sales services that keep them happy and peaceful throughout their stay in the homes they have bought flats here.

Please do come to our office and get to know more that what we say in words


The thought process to venture a technology driven solution was gained limelight when there were queries from buyers and investors away from India for a reliable company to take care of their end to end solution that falls under their “Property Management”. The knowledge and experience gained on land and property were the driving force to venture our services into property management.


  • Trust is an issue, to handover the property to a well-known relative or family friend, itself turns out to be a huge tassel
  • To fly often, to have a look at their place is a big deal
  • To buy, sell, invest or reinvest – the right to do any of it is still fogged
  • The radius keeps increasing exponentially, with the number of years they spend out, to employ the right tenant and further, manage to receive the rental payments on time is challenging indeed
  • Plot monitoring would be tough and for those who come back after years, would wonder where their plot is, with the improvements around
  • Fraudulent personnel and the disguise to loot the property
  • Property disputes when people get involved

Considering all the above facts, we have taken our next step to establish the trustworthiness and bring in transparency. The vision and mission are formalized to pitch in with domain knowledge coupled with technology to ditch fraudulent.


  • Tenant Management:
  • Property Maintenance
  • Attend to any property related issues
  • Collection of rent and deposit
  • Follow up and payment of taxes/bills (Property tax, Electricity, Water and Sewer)
  • Association Maintenance charge
  • Agreement renewal (Lease & Rental)
  • Periodical Visit to property
  • Maintain relationship with tenants


Home Repair:

  • Electrical / Plumbing / Carpentry & Painting
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Wood Work & Modular Kitchen
  • Flooring / Professional Cleaning and more

Construction & Renovation:

  • We have around 14 years’ experience in Constructing small to medium scale projects
  • We have so far constructed & renovated more than 100,000 square feet in and around Chennai
  • With vast experience in building several Homes, Flats and Apartments with the ability to deal with the local city officials
  • We have become a trusted name in building small and medium residential projects rapidly growing with satisfied clients

 Rental Assistance:

  • The Property will be inspected and assessment made
  • Market rental values suggested to the Home Owner
  • Advertise in local and online sources
  • Sourcing of potential tenants
  • Property visit will be facilitated
  • Background check will be performed on potential tenants
  • Rental & Lease agreement will be drafted and sent to home owner and finalized
  • Deposit / Advance amount will be received and transferred to the landlord
  • Tenant particulars provided to Local Law enforcement as per law


Property Buying & Selling:

  • Buying a property is a wonderful accomplishment – whether it is your dream come true first property or investment property. Choosing the right property, builder, location etc., plays a major role. Our experience in the ground helps us to make a better judgment which we use to recommend our clients
  • Selling a property requires good knowledge and preparation, trusted agent, facilitate site visits in short notice and determining the selling price with market standards

Property Monitoring:

  • We will visit the property, take pictures and or video and send it to you.
  • Any concerns on specific issues regarding the property can be highlighted to us and we will immediately attend to it.
  • If the property is already secured and has a fence or a compound wall – you can opt for the following option have a display board saying that this property is managed by “Rahavi Homes” and our contact details will be displayed.
  • If the property is not secured – we can arrange for Fencing or building compound wall. Actual charges plus our service charge will be collected from you.
  • In the event of attempt to encroach or misuse the property – we will report it to you immediately. We will also make a complaint to the local Police station if needed and assist with legal steps coordinating with our lawyers.

Interior Designing:

If you are looking for a pro who offers home interior design services in Chennai? If so, then consider us. We take every step to make your home into a dream home. The interior design of a house must always be planned according to the personal taste and preference of the home owner. Enhancing the interior and exterior of a space or building, to achieve more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our services feature modern Living Rooms, Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Cabinets, Bathroom Interiors and other upgrades.



  1. What is Vastushastra?
    Answer - VASTUSHASTRA is an ancient Hindu practice to construct buildings in harmony with natural forces for well being of humanity as a whole. It is a rich Hindu philosophy, which is given in a number of ancient works including Vedas. It is the traditional Indian system of architecture and design of Vedic origin. Vastu means the dwelling of humans and Gods. Many Vastu rules are derived from 'Vastu Purusha' who is depicted as a man lying with his head pointing northeast, in a grid of usually 64 squares. The different directions and sectors are assigned to different Gods and Guardians. 

  2. What is the main object of Vastushastra? 
    Answer -The object of Vastushastra is to provide guidelines for proper construction of houses, shops, commercial buildings etc. Vastu determines the position of the house with regard to points of a compass and dictates the proportions of every detail in building, lines, directions, skylines, elongations, levels, slopes, water (underground and overhead), kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, staircase, heights of ceilings and roofs, entrances, location of doors and windows, compound walls and so on. 

  3. Why one should apply Vastushastra?
    Answer - Vastushastra is a result-oriented science and gives definite and immediate results if applied properly. It defines the proportions and details of building elongation, slopes, water tanks, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, heights of roofs, entrances, doors, windows, walls etc. Living in harmony with the nature is theme of Vastushastra. Vastushastra is important for construction of houses, villages, towns, and cities. 

  4. Does Vastushastra brings prosperity?
    Answer -Yes, Vastushastra suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature, so that we can be healthy, peaceful and work efficiently that results in prosperity. 
  5. Whether Vastushastra is linked to any religion?
    Answer - Yes, it has been developed by Hindus, but being an art and science of structures, it can be used and applied irrespective of the religion.   

  6. Which deity is worshiped in Vastu Shastra?
    Answer - The ancient text of Vastu Shastra mentions various Gods from Hindu mythology fixing their locations on the site and prescribing the offerings to be made to them. We should treat our house like a human being, like a good friend who gives us comfort and protection. We can also give a personal name to our house. In Vastushastra it is known as Vastu Purusha. The 'Vastu Purusha' is said to be the spirit of the site. It's in the form of a human male and lies on the site with his head towards the east, his posture fitting exactly in a square. Aesthetically correct dimensions of rooms, doors windows and even the structural members like plinth and pillars can be determined on the concept of ‘Vastu Purusha’. Even the interior can be made by the posture of the 'Vastu Purusha' and the norms, which specifies where and how the structure should be built, so that it does not injure him.